The Mission Called


It’s not the job, it’s about the purpose. That is the slogan we go through each and every day. 

Our sole mission is to provide Branding services that any business in need can afford. After the hit of the pandemic, everyone understood the importance of being online. But not that everyone could afford it. Either people have a shortage of money or time or knowledge of how to be online? They wanted to be online but couldn’t understand where to begin. 

We came into existence to provide such services to them in 2019. We aim to change people’s perception of Digital Marketing so that any business can build its reputation and brand value, including ration shops owner. While offering digital branding services where each can cost you lakhs of rupees each month, we are doing so for less than the cost of an internet recharge to make it more Affordable for our local businesses.

Not only that, but we also aim for generating employment in India, which nowadays is one of the biggest issues. We are sponsoring and preparing students, women, and men who want to learn but were