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We Don't Work with Brands,
We Build Brand!

Rofolin is a values-driven Digital Marketing Company dedicated to empowering our customers.

We do that by creating brands on a local basis, and by making a positive impact on communities where business thrives.Over the years, we have worked with Fortune 500s and brand-new startups. We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales. Give us a call.

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A Government Certified Company

Radical Integrity

Our people truly care for our work and for each other. We are driven to become the best version of ourselves.

Dedicated to building brands

We believe that a culture will build a thriving company. It’s not about the job, it’s about the purpose.

Delivering on Time

We’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves. Delivering great content before time.

We are on a Mission: "AFFORD INDIA"


It’s not the job, it’s about the purpose. That is the slogan we go through each and every day.

Our sole mission is to provide Branding services that any business in need can afford. After the hit of the pandemic, everyone understood the importance of being online. But not that everyone could afford it. Either people have a shortage of money or time or knowledge of how to be online? They wanted to be online but couldn’t understand where to begin. 

We came into existence to provide such services to them in 2019. We aim to change people’s perception of Digital Marketing so that any business can build its reputation and brand value, including ration shops owner. While offering digital branding services where each can cost you lakhs of rupees each month, we are doing so for less than the cost of an internet recharge to make it more Affordable for our local businesses.

Under the mission of AFFORD INDIA, all our brands like Rofolin, Locolyftr, and Prevlix will work together to offer local businesses high-quality services at competitive prices.

Our main key is we are investing in small businesses for the betterment of the Indian Economy without being worried about the ROI from them.

“If any small business in my country needs a service that would cost them thousands of rupees, we would set up a corporation to provide it for free.”
Afford India

Our mission is to create more employment in India.

We also aim for generating employment in India, which nowadays is one of the biggest issues. We are sponsoring and preparing students, women, and men who want to learn but weren’t able to learn or gain experience due to lack of money, education, time, responsibilities, or any other reasons through our Free Internship Programs.

Core Values

Our mission is what drives us to expand peoples’ businesses online. Reach your peak and we will help you get there.


Our first and foremost vision is to provide digital services that anyone can afford.


First and foremost comes the quality of our work. We maintain the same quality of our work for any pricing


We are determined to achieve goals not small, but bigger.

Necessity, not money

We are here to provide services for the betterment of society. Money comes later.

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Our Team

We have an empowered, diverse & inclusive team of experts that pushes themselves every day just to make any business owner’s life easier, simpler, and more productive in any manner they can. We express ourselves through the work we do.

  • Professional: Our team of experts delivers high-quality work that makes your business look professional in every way possible.
  • People’s First: Our team put any business first so that their work represents the business.
  • Honour: We believe in our integrity, we do work that only seems to be right.
we believe in Results

What They
Say About Our

Ezyway Tour & Travels
They have done a great job of handling my business and providing extraordinary digital marketing services. They manage all my social media and google business. They have done excellent Market Research and informed me about all the information in detail. Their most impactful point is they care about your business.
Ezyway Tour & Travels
Ultivid Production
I am truly impressed with Rofolin and their team, how They have managed to meet every goal set before them, I have been working with them long and they are my all-time support in marketing and web development
Ultivid Production
Afif Hashmi
Easy to communicate, supportive, and focused on achieving targets.
Afif Hashmi
Paul Mahoney
I have used Rofolin for several projects now. They do such great, accurate, and quick work I keep coming back to them for more.
Paul Mahoney
Ray Hussain
My emails were all landing in the spam box and many of them were not delivered to my email list. They did great research and found my IP was blacklisted for sending emails more than my limit and there was also some code error in my email template. They did a great job fixing my email and email campaigns.
Ray Hussain
Remove Email From IP Blacklist
Karl-Hein Weisser
They helped me get the outsourcing of PCB checks in India. It was a difficult task that we have struggling with but with Rofolin’s help it got solved quickly. Thanks!
Karl-Hein Weisser
Research PCB check in India
Victoria Jackson
Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!
Victoria Jackson
Social media VA needed for weekly social media, email, and website edits
Admin Admin
We needed some administrative work regarding the e-Signatures. We were confused about which software to go with and how we can use it. They did a great work guiding us with the software. Will definitely work with them in the future. Highly recommended!
Admin Admin
Jason V
I am quite satisfied with their job. They are such a dedicated and hard-working team, they work fast and smart. Thank you for giving me the great result
Jason V
Cold Twitter Crypto-Marketing
Tony Blanche
Very effective and efficient. Small job done well
Tony Blanche
Require list of all Rideshare Driver associations & groups in English-speaking counties
Georgi Pitchkhadze
We worked on a paid trial. The result was good; fast, well-researched, and close to what I wanted.
Georgi Pitchkhadze
Product researcher needed

Social & Community

The world is our community, pleasant and productive. We have a family of 1k on both Facebook and Instagram, which is what our previous client said about us. Before that, follow our social links to be updated on the exciting offers and promotions.

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