November 18, 2020
Cryptocurrency / Research
Robert Tomkins

01. About The Project

B Based in Essex, United Kingdom, Robert Tomkins runs a 63120 – Web portals business which he started in 2020. Running an emerging crypto tech company was very haphazard for them but they were managing fine.

“That was my most complex Defi project. But I got an unexpected result from Rofolin Team. They managed my whitepaper and the day-to-day task of my crypto company.”
– Robert Tomkins

02. Task

Robert wanted a research assistant for their company about the crypto and Defi projects along with someone who can manage to handle their whitepaper and some day-to-day task. And we took on that project because it was unique and we were enjoying the project. 

03. Approach

As one of the best teams in web research in the market we approached Robert with our offer. to gather correct data, input it into excel, write up market research, and present findings in word and PowerPoint.

04. Result

We started to create a database of Robert’s needs under the name “Project A” to keep an eye on the market for new investors and partnerships in Blockchain and Whitlested Cryptos for upcoming cryptos. We also kept a list of information on how to apply to those whitelisted crypto companies. That helped Robert a lot.