June 14, 2022
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Dr Nisha

01. About The Project

D Dr. Nisha is a nutritionist based in Australia who treats bodybuilders and muscle enthusiastic people guiding them through various medication and physical exercises to maintain their health and body.

“Fantastic work, the way their team approaches every strategy is amazing. They always update us about their planning strategies. We got a really great result and helped us with the sale.”
– Dr Nisha

02. Task

Dr. Nisha wanted to have a list of various types of Nootropics in the market in Australia for her patients with all the list ingredients and compositions used in them. Nootropics are natural or synthetic drug-like substances that can be taken to improve mental performance in people.

03. Solutions & Strategies

With the best team of Market Research, Dr. Nisha started to work together on various kinds of Nootroops. We started by making a list of various market products and basic components used in developing a nootropic. We then categorize them into various sections of ingredients and supplements as per the composition need of Dr. Nisha.

04. Result

We decided to have a report ready on the available and upcoming nootropic supplements in Australia which eventually helped Dr. Nisha to prescribe the best supplements to her patients.