November 28, 2020
Consultation / Development / Marketing / Research
John Andrew

01. About The Project

B Based in California, Tad owns a Real Estate business under the name of Andrew Land Investor. Learning online they started their business and were fully functional within 2 months.

Rofolin was very helpful, great communication, excellent skills. Their understanding of my needs fantastic and an excellent help thank you again I highly recommend their services.”
– Matthew Leeming

02. Problems

Andrew ’s company was still growing had was facing problems in finding vacant lands and clients to send mail to. They also were facing problems managing their CRMs, Mails, Research, and website.

03. Solutions & Strategies

The task was haphazard and out of place but was not impossible to achieve. We started in the following way:

    • Managing previous emails
    • Updating previous land info
    • Setting up Templates for contracts and other documents.
    • Researching for vacant lands
    • Emailing county offices for the status and information about the vacant lands
    • Building a lead list of buyers around the vacant property
    • Managing and updating CRM

04. Result

The problems were haphazard and out of place but were not impossible to achieve. We did everything from basic to setting things up in actual manner and order as they should be. Managing previous emails was a huge relief to Tad. Researching the on lands and prospective leads through different software and website were a huge help to Tad to grow his business.