September 30, 2021
Consultation / Lead Gen / outsourcing / Research
Tony Blanch

01. The Challenge & Solution

OOne of a worker in a company that provides services to RideShare drivers in Australia. We have worked together on various projects with Tony and the most successful was building a list of All Rideshare in Australia.

Very effective and efficient. Small job done well
Tony Blanch

02. Problem

Tony to have a list of all RideShare Association all over Australia so that they can build a solid plan to approach them.

Require a list of all Rideshare Drivers associations, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other groups in English-speaking counties. The information required is; Association or group name, website address, country, city, number of members or followers, and their Rideshare company association if any.

03. Solutions & Strategies

To gather all rideshare associations and companies we derived a strategy from searching online such as Google Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other websites. We also searched recent media news and another source of information to get our list of leads. We also searched through various forums to gather all the information.


04. Result

We generated a prospective lead list of 64 rideshare associations in Australia with having their all contact information we could find online through various links and articles. We also amended the result to be precise for the client to get all leads in one place.