June 07, 2019
Lead Gen
Paul Mahoney

01. About The Project

P Paul Mahoney runs a business down the street in Massachusetts providing 360° video imaging of business from outside or inside the shop. They also provide a tour guide system for a business.

I have used Rofolin for several projects now. They do such great, accurate, and quick work I keep coming back to them for more. 
– Paul Mahoney

02. Work

Creating a Google Sheets list of local retail businesses that are right next door to one another on the same street in the same town using Google My Business data from Google Maps.

03. Strategies

Our goal was to make sure that the client was able to match our list while I have Google Maps open on their desktop. So when they click on any business, they can click on the very next business next door and be able to go right down the street hitting every business on that street.

      After deciding on various factors we decided on various data to pull such as: Business Name Website URL Number of Google Reviews Number of Google Stars Street Address Town State Zip Code Telephone Email

04. Result

We started gathering leads and pulled more than 1000 leads for the client. When we discussed in detail we get to know what kind of leads Paul wanted and we started working on that. The list generated for them was very satisfactory for Paul and he started to come back to us for different kinds of lead list building.