May 15, 2021
Development / Lead Gen / Social Media
Ultivid Productions

01. About The Business

O A online dropshipping video production business based in Madhya Pradesh. They give video editing services that are highly customer-engaging dropshipping video ads, and related content creation for promoting business. Visit them at:

I am truly impressed with Rofolin and their team,  how They have managed to meet every goal set before them, I have been working with them long and they are my all-time support in marketing and web development.
– Ultivid Productions

02. Problems

Running their business as a freelancing UltiVid Productions wanted to have its own brand set up. To do that they were facing the following problems:

    • A strategy to proceed
    • Social Media handle to grow
    • Website from Static to Dynamic
    • A payment gateway on their website
    • Not getting enough clients

03. Solution & Strategies

For having a proper approach to the market of UltiVid Productions we look up the market for similar businesses and researched those businesses. After researching we finally came up with the planning below:

    • A proper Digital Marketing Strategy: We develop a proper strategy to 
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Lead generation
    • Handling social media and targeting a specific group of people
    • Integrating a payment system on their website


The result of the above strategy was great with respect to what UltiVid Production Needs. We were able to achieve the following targets:

    • Integration of Payment System on the Website
    • Planned Feed of Social Media 
    • Reach to the specific audience was achieved 
    • A list of prospective clients was made
    • Emailing cold leads to generate clients was achieved